Tattooed Davido’s Name On My Cleavage Simply 'Cus I Wanted It - Tacha In An Interview

Tacha disclose reason why she quitted management deal with Billz Vizion, opened up one why she had to tattooed Davido's name on her cleavage.

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Tattooed Davido’s Name On My Cleavage Simply 'Cus I Wanted It - Tacha In An Interview

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Tacha disclose reason why she quitted management deal with Billz Vizion, opened up on why she had tattooed Davido's name on her cleavage.

Read full the interview below;


The highlight of my vlogging career was the first time I had 100,000 views on YouTube and also when I got my YouTube page verified by Google for paid advertisements to be featured.


Some of the biggest sacrifices I have made for my career include depriving myself of sleep and relinquishing my family time and privacy.


I would tell anyone aiming to go for BBN to be original. They should not change anything about themselves or act for the camera.


I am hard working and I strive to succeed in whatever I set my mind to do.


When one signs up with a management, one would have expectations and targets. However, it’s one thing to have expectations and it’s another thing to have the expectations turn to reality.
Sadly, that didn’t happen, especially after the first month of being signed to a management. The drive I had and the drive they had didn’t match. I drew their attention to my concerns and also tried to manage the situation by being patient and hoping for a change. But, things got worse as time went on and after three months, I decided we should mutually disengage our business relationship for the sake of my brand.

(As regards being intimate with Teebillz), people are always saying things and it won’t stop. I don’t know what they mean by that. If their intimacy means that he’s a good manager, then by all means, he is. If not, I’m lost.

No leave, no transfer

It is a self-generated slogan. It was something I brought up to cheer myself on my own for surviving so many nominations (in the house). I was up (for disqualification) basically every week and I kept getting saved. I was confident at some point that I wasn’t going anywhere till the last day, hence the slogan.


Fame has robbed me of my privacy. My life now seems like it’s in the open and everyone keeps their eyes on my business round the clock.


(As regards rumours that fans didn’t truly buy me a benz) I am not aware of such rumours and I don’t even comment on rumours. As for Titans, they are my family, not my fans. I love them and I am always grateful for their continuous love.

Role models

I have no role model but I admire Kim Kardarshian and Beyonce.


He has to be God-fearing and selfless.


The favourite part of my body is my nose. I love how it’s shaped and I touch it like literally every minutes.


I decided to tattoo Davido’s name on my cleavage simply because I wanted to. I don’t regret a thing about it.


I have never done cosmetic surgery. It is all natural– all Tacha.

Body odour

I don’t see any reason to react to lies.

(As regards Zlatan doing a freestyle about my alleged body odour), I have nothing to tell him. Many people did one or two things with my name last year for different reasons. I hope it paid off for them.


I relax by being with my phone.


I would describe my style as retro fashion.

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