Communication and Compassion bridged a gap that not many will understand – Monica says in heartfelt message to Brandy after Verzuz battle

Monica Denise has penned down a sweet message to Brandy after their Verzuz battle which drew 1.2 million viewers on Monday night, crushing all previous sessions. 

The Verzuz battle between the two R&B singers who spawned one of the biggest hits in history with 1998’s “The Boy Is Mine,”  got a surprise virtual visit from Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris who implored viewers to vote, a request that was seconded by Michelle Obama, a regular Verzuz viewer in the comments section.

In a heartfelt message to Brandy on Tuesday evening, Monica noted that her prayers has been answered. She also disclosed that communication and compassion bridged a gap that not many will understand. 

She wrote; 

My Prayers have been said as well as Many of them answered ! Communication & Compassion bridged a gap that not many will understand! I celebrate you @brandy … Your legacy , Music & Catalogue are undeniable!!

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