Cruise Cuisine


Food is not only a basic necessity for all human beings but also a basic amenity for some. If you are anything like me, you must like to travel just as much as you like food.

If you ask me, the perfect form of traveling is the one that involves trying out all sorts of different foods from all sorts of different places.

Nothing tells you more about a place than what kind of food they prefer in that region. Do they like spicy food? Do they prefer seafood? What is their staple? What is the most common type of food eaten there? How many fast-food chains does that place have?

For example, if we talk about the South Asian countries, Bangladeshi people love to have rice and fish. A big reason for that might be easy access to the ocean for them.

Bengali Rice and Fish Curry Stew

When you come to the Indo-Pak subcontinent, you see rice in all sorts of shapes and forms as a big portion of their food requirements as well. This region likes to eat wheat-based foods and some of the premium food dishes in Pakistan feature meat as the main attraction.

Yes, many a time, you will find a lot of food varieties within the same country. Like, one region will be favoring spicy foods while its adjacent region will thrive on mild flavors.

When it comes to traveling, local travel is the best means of transport if you truly want to learn all about a place. The people you meet there are the purest representatives of the place.

This is why I prefer to travel locally wherever I go. Plus, you also get to witness and experience unique modes of transportation all around the globe like auto-rickshaws, qingqi rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, and even tongas in some rural areas.

If you are going to a new place, it is better to have a guide with you to take the maximum advantage of your time there and go to all the famous spots. It is better if you already have a friend there. But if not, you can take a leaf out of my book and make one impromptu!

In my experience, I have felt like many a time, the real flavor of a place lies not in the fancy restaurant chains of a place, but rather in the local roadside food stalls. In some places, I have had street food that could easily challenge any famous food brand in the world.

And for this very reason, I enjoy walking or just strolling through a place’s streets to find the real culture of the place. Especially places that are not quite used to the tourists visiting them yet, those people are the most generous and represent the traditions of the place.

Traveling is one of the most beautiful leisures in the world. When you combine it with the thirst for cuisine, your cruise gets just that much more meaning added to it. So let me ask you this, What’s stopping you from concocting your own recipe of adventure?

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